5 Reasons to Get a Second Opinion on Spinal Surgery Now

Whenever you’re considering spinal surgery, getting a second opinion is essential.  It’s the best way to ensure your surgery is, in fact, the right surgery for your condition and the least invasive option.

Here’s what distinguishes Second Opinion Spine from your other options.

Five Reasons to Get a Consultation with Second Opinion Spine

  1. Unlike many websites offering second opinions, Second Opinion Spine is one of the few sites that is NOT looking to have you travel to our office, or to convince you to have your surgery with us. To the contrary, we believe that by remaining purely consultative, we can remain entirely objective in our recommendations.  In essence, offering you an opinion that we would offer to a family member.
  2. Second Opinion Spine is the ONLY second opinion site that provides the opportunity for a direct conversation with our consulting spine surgeon. Such one-on-one conversations welcome dialogue, provide us with more personal insight into your medical condition, how your particular spinal condition is affecting you, and your goals seen in terms of operative or non-operative outcome. Our personal conversation with you allows the opportunity for your related questions to be answered more thoroughly.
  3. We understand the value of your time. A virtual second opinion from Second Opinion Spine provides the opportunity to avoid taking valuable time off from work. Virtual consultation means that you no longer need to travel to a major academic center–or to an entirely different geographical region–in order to obtain a high quality surgical opinion from a recognized expert in the field of spine surgery. Spending hours waiting in a physician’s office filling out duplicative medical history and insurance forms becomes obsolete. A virtual second opinion provides the opportunity to schedule your personal conversation with our spine surgeon at a mutually convenient time that fits within your schedule, regardless of where you may live.
  4. We provide rapid responses with our virtual consultation. We understand that some patients already have surgery scheduled and are seeking a second opinion for peace of mind and reassurance that the procedure that has been offered is appropriate and as least invasive as possible. Our consults can be provided within 48 hours of receipt of your imaging data.
  5. With the advent of electronic medical records (EMR) and health information exchanges (HIE), your medical information personal data may be legitimately shared with more physicians, insurance companies, and even government agencies (including Medicare and Medicaid) than you may be aware of. Your conversation with our spine surgeon remains entirely private and confidential.

Whether you decide to work with us or not, we strongly recommend getting a second opinion from a reliable provider.  It’s one of the best choices you can make to ensure that your original diagnosis is the right one.

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