Why Get a Second Opinion on Spinal Surgery?

Successful spine surgery can dramatically improve your quality of life.  Feeling confident that you made the right decision can contribute to your ultimate satisfaction. As such, we believe patients should consider obtaining a second opinion for the following reasons:

  • If your surgeon cannot answer questions about the rationale for a proposed procedure or is vague on the surgical plan
  • If your personal goals are different (when you really want to avoid surgery)
  • If you suspect that your original surgical opinion is economically motivated
  • If a prior spine procedure did not work and you are being offered more extensive revision surgery
  • If you are not comfortable with your first surgeon for any reason

Obtaining an objective second opinion can give you the confidence that you are making the right decision for you.

Spine Surgical Procedures Can be Difficult to Understand

In spine surgery, there may be different operative techniques that can potentially achieve similar results. Some spinal conditions may benefit from new and intriguing technologies, while other conditions demand more invasive techniques. Variations in treatment recommendations and surgical training may result in a particular bias toward one procedure over another.

The myriad of options available today can be confusing and unsettling. Studies have suggested that nearly 80% of the time, a second opinion may alter the operative plan. That’s why we’re here to help.

“We understand that no one would choose to undergo spine surgery unless it was absolutely necessary, and that the potential benefits will far outweigh the risks.”

An Objective Expert Opinion Provides Peace of Mind

The spine surgeons of Second Opinion Spine have participated for years on various hospital Boards, Quality Committees, and Peer Review Committees evaluating regional practice patterns and are fully aware that many surgeons offer surgery that is too aggressive for a particular patient’s needs.

“Too often, we review cases where spine surgery was recommended for no obvious reason, or without the particular patient’s long term goals in mind.”

As we are in the unique position of offering you a truly objective opinion (no personal financial gain in relation to the type of surgery considered, and we are blind to insurance constraints), we are free to share with you our honest opinion regarding what we believe is the least invasive procedure associated with the best long term outcome for you.

We offer you an opinion that we would offer to family.


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