Get a Second Opinion

Why Get a Second Opinion?

Simply put, for peace of mind.  An objective second opinion ensures the spinal surgery originally recommended to you is the right surgery for you and the least invasive option possible.

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More on Why You Should Get a Second Opinion on Spinal Surgery

How It Works

First, you’ll speak with a Second Opinion Spine Case Coordinator.  They will obtain a brief history of your spinal condition and provide you with step by step instructions for forwarding any other relevant medical records that our expertly-trained spinal surgeons may need to review your case.

Then, one of our surgeons will coordinate a conference call with you to personally discuss the risks and benefits of the spine procedure that would best meet your expectations and personal needs.  We may also offer you potential alternatives to your original opinion that are less invasive.

Cost: $800

Includes a review of your medical history and imagery data as well as a 30 minute one-on-one discussion with one of our spine surgeons regarding your diagnosis and  treatment options – complete with a written summary of your diagnosis.

Optional services: additional discussion ($250 / 30 minutes)

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