About Second Opinion Spine Second Opinion Spine is a virtual spine consultative service that developed in response to our observation of increasingly aggressive spine surgical procedures being performed across the country today. There has been an explosion of new technologies in the field of spine surgery; these procedures, while promising, can be confusing and often misused.
Meet our Spine Surgeons
Dr. Kramer & Dr. Bomback
Spine Surgeons and Recognized Leaders in the Field of Complex Spinal Surgery.

In our opinion, ANY spine surgery is maximally invasive when it is recommended for YOU, and a surgical second opinion is critical to provide peace of mind that you are on the right path to the best recovery possible.

During our combined 35 years in practice, we have consulted and treated many patients who have either undergone, or were considering undergoing, spinal surgery that was not tailored to their personal needs. Recent pressures in health care may only continue to limit access to recognized experts and may even limit the expert’s ability to sit down and take the time necessary to understand and analyze not only your unique spinal pathology, but to view it in the context of your medical condition, and your own personal long term goals. Through our years in clinical practice, we have been asked to review imaging studies and/or consult on more and more friends and family of satisfied patients in our practice. Ultimately, we began to realize that there was a need to provide expertise to a wider audience seeking objective on-line consultative services.

This was the motivation behind Second Opinion Spine. Now, you can get expert surgical opinions easily and economically.


Successful spine surgery can dramatically improve your quality of life.  Feeling confident that you made the right decision can contribute to your ultimate satisfaction. As such, we believe patients should consider obtaining a second opinion for the following reasons:

  • If your surgeon cannot answer questions about the rationale for a proposed procedure or is vague on the surgical plan
  • If your personal goals are different (when you really want to avoid surgery)
  • If you suspect that your original surgical opinion is economically motivated
  • If a prior spine procedure did not work and you are being offered more extensive revision surgery
  • If you are not comfortable with your first surgeon for any reason

Obtaining an objective second opinion can give you the confidence that you are making the right decision for you.