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Medical Question


This is our most basic offering. Allows you to ask a top-ranked spine surgeon a detailed question answered. Your images and detailed health information cannot be reviewed, but you will be given a thorough written response and a 5-15 minute 1-1 phone call.  

100% of the cost is HSA (Health Savings Account) reimbursable and tax deductible!

Depending on your insurance, you may be reimbursed for the entire cost of the consult whether or not you have an HSA. Please reach out to our patient coordinators for assistance filing an insurance claim after your consultation.

Completed within 21 days.

“Patients travel from all over the world to be treated by these world-class doctors! I am one of thousands of their success stories…He carefully reviewed my MRI and determined that I had TWO cysts on my spine that were NOT SEEN by the radiologists in my local hospital. This attention to details resulted in me being able to go back to a FULL life and resume teaching.”

-S.C. Albany, NY