Standard Consultation

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Standard Consultation


Our most popular option. If you’ve ever been told you need surgery or treatment for a spinal condition, it’s imperative that you seek an un-basied second opinion. Our doctors will provide detailed recommendations, and help you explore alternative treatment options to get back to a pain-free life. All our consults come with an official post-consult report that you can share with a provider of your choice. Or, ask us about top doctors we prefer in your area*

100% of the cost is HSA (Health Savings Account) reimbursable and tax deductible.

(*If you do seek a recommendation for a doctor from us, we are NEVER compensated by that doctor, and we do not have any financial relationship whatsoever with doctors we recommend. We base our recommendation entirely on objective analysis of their patient outcomes and treatments methods.)

Depending on your insurance, you may be reimbursed for the entire cost of the consult whether or not you have an HSA. Please reach out to our patient coordinators for assistance filing an insurance claim after your consultation.

Completed within 4 days.

“I must thank you again for your patience in treating the stenosis and your acuity in recognizing the fact that it was not the cause of the severe pain. Your integrity and honesty kept me from having unnecessary back surgery and directed me to the hip surgery. How very grateful I am!”


Chesire, CT